Perfect Eyesight w/Clearvision [Trans-epiLASIK Aftercare]


Hi everybody~~~? Here is a photo of me! Just that, this time round with no contact lenses to enhance my eyes because I’ve perfect eyesight now. *Flips hair* ?

I’ve received many questions from y’all (including my friends) and the very top concerns that I’ve been receiving are;

Can you see immediately after the Trans-epiLASIK surgery?

Yes, you can… but only about 70% – Your vision would be similar to as if you’ve just stepped-out from a cold place (a bit foggy). The first 3 days after I done my Trans-epiLASIK, my eyesight fluctuates like mad – one moment it’s super clear, the next moment I couldn’t even read what’s on my handphone screen despite putting it almost infront of me.

The 3rd day onwards, My vision remained pretty stable (occasionally a bit blur, but it went off after blinking several times).

The reason was due to that the eye cells were still moving around, thus the fluctuation. Some might takes a few months for their eyesight to stable down. SOME.

How high is your degree/astigmatism? Is it fully corrected?

Can’t really remember my astigmatism, but it’s pretty high if I didn’t remember wrongly. My degree is about 700 for both eyes. Like most people, I do have the concern of under-correcting/over-correcting, especially when there’s a saying that the higher your degree, the harder it is to achieve perfect eyesight.

That’s why it’s EXTREMELY important to choose the right doctor and also the one that you feel safe and comfortable with. Dr. Tony Ho from Clearvision is not only a well-recognised and respected figure in the Singapore refractive surgery arena, but also has over 25 years of specialty experience.

Thanks to Dr. Tony that I achieved something that I never dreamt of – PERFECT eyesight! ? I’ve posted a chart of my favourite zeros later on in this blogpost. ? There’s still a bit of unnoticeable fluctuation currently as the eye cells still moving.

How do you make your eyes looks bigger without dolly contact lens? Do you feel your eyes looks “dead” or look like it loses its focus (in other words, pak jiao or soulless) after LASIK?

There’re many ways to create the illusion of bigger eyes without dolly contact lenses. To name a few – heavier eye make-up (such as thicker eyeliner), falsies or eyelash extensions.

Nope. Just look at my photo that I have posted above, does my eyes looks “soul-less”?☝? Nope! I feel that my eyes even looks brighter than before!

  1. I did Tran-epiLasik which doesn’t involve any cutting of the corneal flap (“cutting” is the culprit that potentially leads to eye dryness).
  2. Having perfect eyesight now means there’s no need for contact lenses. No matter how highly permeable or “breathable” your contact lenses are, especially during days when you wear contact lens for long hours, you’re bound to experience some sort of dry eyes. After all, there’s a “plastic” covering your eyes from breathing.
  3. Lubricant (for eyes!) Not only refreshes and moisturises your eyes (like what normal eye drops do), but also gives your eyes the watery, shiny, waxy(?) look! It can be used on normal, healthy eyes (why didn’t I find out the existence of such products earlier?! *Hiao mood on aka bimbo mood*)
The eyepatch and shades are included in the Trans-epiLASIK package. Separate cost for the lubricant eyedrops.


I was given 2 kinds of lubricant eyedrops. The cost for Endura Lubricant (transparent) and Cationorm (More milky and opaque) isn’t that much of a difference too.

Cationorm container is slight longer and wider, giving the illusion of more product but actually both are the same – 0.4ml x 30 dose. ? I prefer Cationorm because of it’s more liquify texture, making it easier to drip and absorbed by my eyes.

Follow-ups will be at Eye Care clinic located in Mount Elizabeth. ?
Follow-ups will be at Dr Tony’s Eye Care clinic located in Mount Elizabeth. ?

The first checkup falls on the very next day after my Trans-epiLASIK surgery.

  1. Second follow-up: 5 days after surgery (when the protective lens will be removed)
  2. Third follow-up: 2-3weeks
  3. Fourth follow-up: 1 month
  4. Fifth follow-up: 2 months

That’s a rough guideline for the check-ups. More follow-ups may be required, depending on your eyes’ recoverycondition. For me, I was required to come back the next day after the protective lenses were removed for checkup again because my left-eyes had yet to fully close-up.


The only few times that I’m happy to see all the zeros. ?
Here is a photo of the blurred/out of focus protective lens.???

I tried taking a couple of photos but none of it seems to be able to focus on the right subject (which is the protective lens) instead of Dr. Tony Ho. The moment I stepped out of the clinic then it hits me…

… why didn’t I change the camera mood to macro instead. ??? *kua~ ? kua~? kua~ ?*

But you can roughly see how it looks like lah hor? *Hides my face ?*

Here is a photo of me and Dr. Tony Ho – the man that helped me see life clearly (literally).

It’s advised not to wash your hair and face after the LASIK surgery to prevent any water from getting in your eyes and causing an infection. The thought itself was pretty torturous, especially when I’m a person that needs to bathe at least twice daily (both including hair wash). ?

Not to mention, I was still recovering from an massive acne outbreak. ?

What I did was 5 days before my protective lenses was removed, I diligently used the TLC eye care wipes that was given (in the LASIK package) to clean my whole face (if it’s safe and delicate enough for your eyes, it’s definitely good enough for your face). Hair washing wise, I went to a neighbourhood saloon that washes your hair while you lie down (so there’s no way any water will flow to your eyes).

Right after I was given the green light to “bathe” and was able to wash my face as per normal, I went straight for a good solid HydraFacial that I desperately needed to deep cleanse my face. ?

Here is a chart to compare the different options;
Extracted from

Just one look you and can tell that Trans-epiLASIK stands-out from the rest of the procedures. I’ve a pretty fast recovery (my vision kinda stabilises on the 3rd day onwards) despite having cornea ulcer before that.

That’s why the doctor that “operates” is as important as the procedure itself. Dr. Tony Ho is the reason why I chose Trans-epiLASIK with Clearvision. He is also the one who pioneered epi-LASIK in Singapore and the region.

Clearvision (Left), Mount Elizabeth (Right).
Clearvision (Left), Mount Elizabeth (Right).

As you can see from my photo, Clearvision where the pre-LASIK evaluation and the Trans-epiLASIK surgery will be done is located on the right. Located just beside is Mount Elizabeth where consultations and check-ups will be. There’s a pathway to walk/drive-up in between Lucky Plaza and the “Rolex” building.

Clearvision’s Trans-epiLASIK (both eyes) costs $3625.16 SGD (inclusive of GST). Their comprehensive pre-LASIK evaluation (Payment to be made on the day of evaluation ) costs $25.16 SGD.

Oh, and of course, you can quote my name “Vanessa Tan” at the counter for a whopping $120 SGD off your Trans-epiLASIK package. That said, the fee for evaluation will be waived off on the day of the LASIK surgery when you’re making payment. ?

To find out if you’re suitable for Trans-epiLASIK, you can book an appointment by calling the LASIK hotline at +65 6100 2020 (20/20 perfect eyesight, get it? ??) or email [email protected].

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Clearvision Eye Clinic & LASIK Centre

6 Nutmeg Road

Singapore 228337

(5 min walk from Orchard MRT

Next to Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre)


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  • Katherine
    March 30, 2016

    Hi, how long does it takes for you to put on eye make up after the trans epi-lasik?

    • YingVannie
      March 30, 2016

      Hi Katherine! I wore makeup the day after my protective lens was removed. 6days after my Trans-epiLASIK. Do check with Dr. Tony to make sure it’s fine first. 🙂

  • Rin
    April 16, 2016

    Hello! Thanks for sharing your experience on Trans EpiLasik.
    Finally found a blog that post about Trans EpiLasik haha! So excited.

    Hope you don’t mind I have a few questions >_w<!!
    Thank you!

  • Rin
    April 16, 2016

    Hello again, sorry for double posting.
    I couldn’t see my questions in the comment submitted.. o_O

    If you can see them then please remove this comment. 🙂

    What I asked were:
    How long does it take for you to see clearly? Is your vision stablised now?
    Mind sharing what was your cornea thickness before and after the Trans EpiLasik please?

    😀 Thanks!

    • YingVannie
      April 21, 2016


      I can see immediately after my Transepi-Lasik Surgery but then, my vision keep fluctuates like crazy. It kinda stabilise from 3rd day onwards. I didn’t check what’s the after but if i didn’t remember wrongly, my cornea thickness should be about 540 before the surgery. 🙂

  • Kelly
    June 12, 2016

    Hi is your face clear yet? My bro is currently having a bad breakout on his nose. Can guys go for the treatment too?

    • YingVannie
      June 14, 2016

      My face is definitely much better after seeking medical treatment but there’s some scars left due to the aftermath of the outbreak. May I know which treatment you’re referring?

      • Kelly
        June 14, 2016

        For the dr ong consultation.
        Dont worry, it will be gone soon. 🙂

        • YingVannie
          June 14, 2016

          Yeap. I do see male patients queuing up to consult Dr Ong. ?

  • Sin thien
    November 20, 2016

    700 for both eyes? Meaning about 350 each eye?

  • Brandon
    December 25, 2016

    Has your degree stabilised with no residual degress left?

    • YingVannie
      January 10, 2017

      Yeap! So far so good and I’m extremely happy with the results!

      • Brandon
        January 12, 2017


        I just did Epi-Lasik with Dr Tony Ho also. now on day 3, but still having blury vision. Went to 1st follow up, doctor say my eyes infection, ask me to increasw eye drops to hourly…

        On whch day did your eye power stabilised and drop to perfect eyesight?

        • YingVannie
          January 12, 2017

          Hi Brandon,

          I can’t exactly rmb the which day but my vision remained pretty stable from 3rd day onwards. Occasionally a bit blur, but it went off after blinking several times. The reason was due to that the eye cells were still moving around, thus the fluctuation. Some might takes a few months for their eyesight to stable down.

          Do rmb it’s extremely important to get as much rest and drip the eyedrops on time as right now is your healing process! ?

  • sarah
    January 15, 2017

    Can I find out if you have gone for any further reviews after the 2 months?
    Do you have any idea how long your referral name quote will is valid till?

    • YingVannie
      February 14, 2017

      Hi Sarah!

      If I didn’t remember wrongly, I did went for a few more reviews as I had extremely severe case of cornea ulcer before that. My referral name quote is currently still available until further notice. 🙂

  • Rachel
    February 4, 2017


    I’m going for my lasik surgery in a month but did you continue to wear sunglasses given after the first week? As I’ll be travelling 1 month after my surgery, i don’t want to be hindered by the sunglasses.

    • YingVannie
      February 14, 2017

      After 1mth should be fine? I only wear it on and off when needed after my eyes fully recovered. 🙂

  • Jane
    February 11, 2017

    Do u know if the $120 off is still valid?

    • YingVannie
      February 14, 2017

      Hi Jane, It’s still available until further notice. 🙂

      • Winnie Ng
        November 23, 2017

        Good day to you ; )

        Happen to see your post review from your blog.. i will be doing the Safe Sight TransPRK by Doc Ho at Clearvision in Dec 17.

        How do i tell the clinic staff that i would like to have the referral discount deducted from the surgery?
        Can i still get the referral code from you to enjoy the discount?

        Hope to hear from you soon!


  • Yanhearts
    February 21, 2017


    May I know how old are you? And has your degree stabilised before you go through this procedure?

    Because I heard from others that we need to reach a certain age before we can do this procedure as the degree may still fluctuate and the eyesight wouldn’t be perfect after awhile.



    • YingVannie
      May 20, 2017

      Hi Yan! I was 25yo when I did Trans-epiLASIK with Clearvision. If I’m not wrong, you need to reach legal age of 21yo to have the surgery done. 🙂

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Perfect Eyesight w/Clearvision [Trans-epiLASIK Procedure]
Perfect Eyesight w/Clearvision [Trans-epiLASIK Aftercare]