Waking Up With Beautiful Eyes [Belle Eyelash Extension]

6D Upper & Lower Super Soft & Natural Eyelash Extension done at Belle Eyelash Extension Singapore!

After so many years, this is actually the first time I attended a casting call confidently without any eye makeup at all. Not even eyeliner – Totally zero as you can see from my photo above! ?

I’m a person that dreads putting on falsies aka fake eyelashes other than when I was a newbie in Events & Modelling. Now, I practically stopped putting on fake eyelashes even for casting calls nowadays (oops! I think my confidence level has risen too much. ? ). Once in a “compulsory moon”, during photoshoots and bigger shows like product launches – I’ve no choice – but the moment I get off work, I would immediately peel them off.

Even so, I’m still crazy about buying falsies even though I barely use them (Totally can’t resist at all. ?) One of the few brands that I could stand wearing is Dolly-wink:

A small collection of what I have that was within reach from my desk for photo-taking.

Belle, whom did my eyelash extensions, used to work as event model/talent (she used to be very popular!) in Taiwan, but stopped after she married and moved to Singapore. Was talking about how she left everything behind and came over to Singapore.

I guess when you’re madly in-love, anything and everything is possible 的吧。

I’ve been wanting to do eyelash extensions for a very long time, but not many places offer high-quality eyelash extension at an affordable price. Worse still, some eyelash extensions not only hurts your eyelash – causing your natural lashes to fall off – but also your skin (because they glue it to your skin ?)?!

I got to know Belle when I was a customer at True Eyelash Beauty (Teyelash). Recently, she texted me that she had finally ventured out to do her own business! Immediately, I booked an appointment with her.

Preparing for eyelash extension.

First off, Belle asked me if I’m fine with her removing all my eye makeup (including eyeliner) and I agreed. I guess you could choose not to remove it, but it’s probably better to do so as you can see the obvious difference.

Then, she placed a pair of collagen gel masks under my eyes. Immediately, I could feel the cooling and smoothing sensation from the eyemasks.☺️

I selected the super soft & comfy 6D eyelashes. Belle extended my lashes strand-by-strand with a technique which was the latest from Taiwan. In this technique, the extensions are glued to your own lashes instead of skin.

✔️ Doesn’t harm your skin

✔️ Doesn’t affect your natural lashes (So your natural lashes can fall off when it suppose to and not stuck there making your eyes looking heavy/clumpy/poking into your eyes.)

✔️ Extensions will last longer


Before photo on the left, without any falsies (only dark brown eyeliner from Taiwan).

After photo on the right, with ONLY Belle’s Natural 6D Eyelash Extension (Top & Bottom). Zero eye makeup nor eyeliner.

I’ve also told her that I prefered rounder looking eyes instead of the sexy cat-eyes look. The perks of having an event model turn eyelash expert doing your eyelash extension for you is that she totally understands what you want! She’s able to customise and achieve the look you want via the arrangement of the lashes.

Goodness! I can’t stress how important this is!

Wonder why sometimes even though you went to a highly raved salon that you read about online but it turned out totally different even thought you opted for the exact same thing?

That’s right. Because those places just follow a standard procedure instead of arranging the lashes according to your eye shape. ?

FullSizeRender 3

Currently, Belle is taking a short break by doing only eyelash extensions at her place before she starts hunting for a suitable location for her shop [UPDATED NEW LOCATION on 31st August 2016].

Yeap! You got it right. And because she is doing at her place, the prices are REALLY attractive for the best quality eyelash extensions done personally by her strand-by-strand.

For example, the 6D Eyelash Extension I’ve done is going 40% off and 3D Black Diamond Eyelash Extension going for a whopping 50% off! ? There’s also packages and other designs such as 3D Eyelash Extensions etc, undergoing promotion too.

Fret not! For those who already had eyelash extensions on but hope to grab this chance, I’ve asked Belle and she is happy to remove your previous extensions for free when you do your new set of eyelash extension with her!

From what I know, Belle’s schedule is pretty packed and she will be travelling from 1st December 2015 to 15 December 2015. You really should drop her a text/WhatsApp message at 9155 5598 to enquire more details and also to secure an appointment first. She is cool with both English & Chinese. ?

Belle Eyelash Extension Singapore【美睫站】-Taiwanese Professionals

Bukit Timah Shopping Centre,

170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #02-K38

Singapore 588179

Open Hours

11:00AM – 9:00PM

Phone: +65 8575 0555


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