Facial Scars Removal with iMedical [Fractional Acne Scar Laser]

1 week after the Fractional Acne Scar Laser. 💥

If you are curiously foraging the latest and greatest of skincare and beauty products and services, I’m sure by now that you’ve heard (or at least read) about the good ol’ Fractional Co2 laser.

It’s essentially said to be the gold standard but yet also being one of the few lasers having some of the harshest downtime. Uh huh, that means you probably wouldn’t look too fantastic for those few days. It’s no doubt a 先苦后甜 laser that helps greatly in minimizing skin disorder and reparation of damage such as scarring, pigmentation and ageing, etc.

More bluntly put:

The traditional Fractional Co2 laser precisely “burns off” the damaged outer layer so that your baby smooth skin that’s beneath can resurface to the top (again). 💆🏻‍♀️

What’s Stopping Me From Traditional Fractional Co2 Laser?

For those who have been following this little space of mine (thank you! 💐), you would probably know that there was a period of time when my skin was just so bad that even I myself found it disgusting.

Even though I managed to recover within a very short timespan, I was left with many different kinds of scars.

I did consider doing the traditional Fractional Co2 Laser back then, but eventually, I opted not to do so for a plethora of reasons. One of it was probably the post-procedure hyperpigmentations in Asian skin – which undoubtedly meant getting tanner.

Why Fotona StarWalker Fractional Pico Q-Switched Laser?

The latest Fotona StarWalker Scar Laser Resurfacing System can actually overcome most of the shortcoming of the traditional Fractional Co2 laser, and yet further provide a way deeper and more effective scar removal.

This is done by combining the power of a Pico Laser and the energy of a Q-Switched Laser to deliver the most optimal results. More importantly, there’s way lower risk of post-resurfacing hyperpigmentation and instead, it helps to even out and even whiten your skin tone! 😉

Step 1: Cleansing off all the makeup. You can choose to leave your eye makeup on since it doesn’t affect the procedure.

Honestly, I went in with just the expectation of scars removal and shrinking my facial pores. To my very pleasant surprise, iMedical Fractional Laser offers more than just those basics.

Dr. Louis also told me that it helps tighten the jawline, eye areas, laugh lines and marionette lines as well! 😯

Step 2: Getting Some Numbing Cream Applied…

Beneath the makeup and nice photos posted on Social Media actually lies the scars. Sigh.

You could probably tell by now, I’m not trying to humblebrag when I reply to praises that my skin is flawless – it really is not as “good”, and there are literally flaws (scars) on my face. 🤣😢

Step 3: Performing the Fotona StarWalker Scar Laser

Once the numbness kicks in, I was ushered to another room where the Fotona StarWalker Scar Laser treatment began. Dr Louis precisely manoeuvres the laser over my trouble spots, which sadly consists of (not so few) big and small scars.

✓ Efficacy & Precision

MaQX technology – which is an ultra high Q-switched laser for ultimate speed and precision (Basically, it’s laser at a very specific frequency specially tuned to tackle problem areas)

✓ Best of Both Worlds

Picosecond pulse power with the high energy of nanosecond pulses (A picosecond is a trillionth of a second, so this is really precise.)

✓ Versatility

Ranges of laser sources & wavelengths that enables a wide range of treatments

✓ Patient Safety

Minimally invasive, safe treatments with way lesser downtime.

Step 4: Getting the Cooling Mask Applied

This is how I looked immediately after the Fotona StarWalker Scar Laser. A cooling gel was then applied directly to my skin to cool it down.

Step 4: Blue Light Therapy

While the cooling gel helps to cool down my face, this blue light therapy helps to kill bacteria that penetrated beyond my skin’s surface. It actually goes all deep within the follicles to quickly and non-invasively destroy acne-causing bacteria.

The initial redness right after the treatment may look a little daunting no doubt, but it quickly subsided within a few days. As for the Pain department, I did not feel even a tiny bit even after the numbing cream worn off.

The results were almost instant, I could feel my skin being much firmer and tighter. After the redness subsides within a few days, my skin was left looking way brighter, clearer and fairer!

Thank you Dr. Louis Loo from iMedical & iAesthetics! 

iMedical & iAesthetics

1 Northpoint Drive Northpoint City

#B1-176 (South Wing)

Singapore 768019

Tel: 6254 1622 | Fax: 6254 3367 (Linked to Yishun MRT)


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