Hello, I'm Vanessa

Here's the part where I share a little bit about myself!

“Model, Doggy-mummy, Food Lover, and a bit of a geek sometimes.”

I started modelling for various brands and events after I was head-hunted by an agent back while I still was in school.

Now, several – actually, many – years in, I’ve worked for many different assignments under some of Singapore’s most prestigious talent & model agencies. You’ve probably seen me everywhere from the recent product launch, to car shows, and even as an ambassador for your favourite brands. I’m pretty much adaptable to most industries!

I also happen to have two lovely dogs – Yandao the Spitz (@yandaothespitz) and Lengzai the Husky (@lengzaithehusky). They’re very possibly the two most furry creatures in my world, and I love them oh so much….

Sometimes, I get fascinated with gadgets which don’t really sparkle. When I do so, I get really excited and start to dive really deep into how they work and how I would put them to work in my daily life! Who says robots have to rule us, huh?

I’m also a very hungry person. So long as there’s good food with great company! I have been called an 饿鬼 by my friends around me when I start my eating sprees, but shh… don’t tell anyone.