Taiwan is currently my top choice for a beauty retreat (this time round, I only went for a short trip over the weekend). It’s near (>4hours flight) and things are relatively cheap there.

Who says Taiwan is only well-known for their good street food and night market? It’s also a place where you can spam-buy beauty products for a really cheap price and also..

..beauty treatments! Such as Hydrafacial™, laser and fillers. Plus hair-washing services are so cheap that you could afford it everyday for your perfectly set hair for all your overseas OOTD shots!

$200 TWD (~$9 SGD) Hairwash + Blow-dry

In this post, I’m not gonna to dwell on my every-day trip so its easier for y’all to bookmark/refer instead of scrolling through miscellaneous stuff (Damn sweet of me right). It’s gonna be a summary of my must-buy/do beauty-related activities in Taipei.


康是美 aka also known Guardian in Singapore

Cosmed so far offers the best offer for masks especially the all time favourite My Beauty Diary masks (我的美丽日记). It’s like Swanston in Chinatown, Singapore.

..Oh wait. It’s even cheaper. ?

Ma Cherie for only $174 TWD (~ $7.90 SGD)?!  That’s even cheaper than Swanston and Gmarket pls!

So, if you were to ask me to pick 1 place to shop and get my beauty haul it will definitely be Cosmed! But then again, they only carry mainstream products. They don’t have products such as 3ce, etc, which brings me to the next few stores that I’m gonna mention below.


Say hi to my Ms. Chio and Pan-asian talents BFF (aka models).

Make Beauty (小三美日) have almost all the Japan/Korea products! Products like 3ce and even Innisfree masks are cheaper here compared to Innisfree outlets in Taipei, Taiwan.

They even have a Facebook page where their editors do reviews on the products which I find quite entertaining. Lol! ?


Pardon me for the extremely poor photo taken by my measly iPhone 6 with random strangers that just planted themselves there.

86Shop is my beauty girlfriends’ favourite shop. Especially for 3ce’s No.1 fan – Gladys. It’s like a must-go place for her whenever she arrive in Taiwan to satisfy her 3ce addiction.

The rest…

Quoted from Gladys: “We have walked into Watsons 987654321 times and these 2 always got something to buy!!!!!! ??”

Places like Watsons (屈臣氏) where we keep buying necessities such as facial puffs that cost only $79 TWD (~$3.60 SGD/3 boxes) and super slim pads that cost $139 TWD (~$6.30 SGD/ 56pc).

I mean I know Singapore does sell them, but the facial puffs cost $2.90 SGD per box and the pads cost… ok, fine. I’m sounding way too auntie here but y’all get my drift.

7-11 is also another place that I’ll get my masks if I don’t have time to shop (for example; transiting in Taiwan). Their promotion for masks such as My Beauty Diary is pretty reasonable too.

1/3 of what I got during this trip.

Some of the product packages are either crumpled or repetitive (example; Ma Cherie conditioner x2, My Beauty Dairy’s New Squalene Restorative Mask x4, Bird Nest Mask x3, etc) that’s why its not in this photo. ? And of course, necessities like sanitary pads I don’t think y’all wanna see right? ?

Next up, gonna blog about where to get comestic treatment such as Hydrafacial™, laser, botox, fillers, etc done in Taipei!


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