Higher Nosebridge – 2 months after Hiko Nosethread👃🏻

Hello all! It has been quite some time since I did any significant enhancements to my facial features. Actually, I should credit Dr Daniel Chang for his awesome skills and my previous nose Hiko threads done by him that actually lasted almost 2 years!

Just a quick recap: The two most popular non-surgical methods to enhance facial features are mainly Nose Threading – where dissolvable “threads” are being gently inserted into your nose, and Nose Fillers – where a “liquid” filler is being injected into selective spots of your nose.

Nose Threading usually costs more and lasts longer compared to Nose Fillers but of course, there are also other variables such as quality and also your aesthetic doctor’s skills.

For me, Nose Fillers doesn’t really last that long due to many reasons. One of the main reasons (that was quickly diagnosed by Dr Daniel) was that there is a “well” on my nose bridge that causes the fillers to just flow away no matter how much is being injected. Think of it like an extremely deep and leaky hole which leaks out to many other areas.