Woah. Chen WeiLing's artwork. His red-memory series if I'm not wrong.
Woah. Chen WeiLing’s artwork. I still remembered the very first time I saw his red-memory series when I was overseas. The moment I stepped into the museum, his red-memory series captured my attention due to it being strikingly… red. Of course, it came with a price. ?

So, I was told to stop wearing soft contact lenses for at least 3 days before my pre-LASIK evaluation. But if you’re on hard lenses, you’ll need to stop at least for 10 days.


It is because contact lenses changes the shape of your cornea so you will need to abstain from contact lenses so that your cornea will be back natural shape BEFORE the pre-LASIK evaluation. Of course, for the LASIK surgery itself too which I chose to do the very next day to save me the hassle of abstaining from contact lens again.

So please don’t kay-kiang (aka smart Alec) by thinking that doesn’t matter. I’m sure you don’t want any inaccurate measurements as it might lead to severe consequences.

Also, I couldn’t drive to the centre because well, after the dilating eyedrops are applied (so that the doctor can examine your eye better), there is obviously a bit of recovery time.


During the pre-LASIK evaluation, I was led through a couple of tests. The staff were extremely thorough with their tests, and as they explained, it was meant to be able to assess my suitability and also whether which LASIK to go for. Here is a run-down of what I did:

Clearvision staff walking me through a presentation about what to expect and take note of.

The evaluation took about 2 hours in total. Generally speaking, most people should pass the test, unless there are certain anomalies which might restrict the type of procedures that could be done – such as having a super duper thin cornea or some eye-issues.

For me, I’ve a very serious case of corneal ulcer recently that left me with a scar on one of my eyeballs – and also the fact that I couldn’t wear contact lenses anymore…

In my mind, I figured that I needed an eye surgeon whom is not only good in this, but also with a solid amount specialty experience. I didn’t want to go ahead with LASIK with uncertainties…

This is where Dr Tony Ho came in. He founded the Eye Care Clinic in 1993 which deals with eye disorders and thereafter established Clearvision in 2001 as a LASIK specialty clinic which provides convenient in-house LASIK surgery.

Dr Tony Ho was also one the FIRST surgeon in Singapore and the region who carried out the Trans-epiLASIK predecessor’s procedure (epiLASIK).

As you can clearly tell by now, I really need someone that was not only able to advise me on LASIK, but also havint the ability “cure” my eyes (choy! aka touchwood) if I really had any eye issues.


The last stage of my pre-LASIK evaluation – consultation with Dr. Tony Ho. No words can describe how happy I was when given the green light to go ahead with LASIK!!

There’re quite a few different kind of LASIK. The one I will be doing is Trans-epiLASIK, a bladeless and flapless (that means, no cutting of anything!). It’s basically an all-laser, one-step and no-touch new procedure!


Dr Tony also informed me that he would be using the Schwind Amaris 1050RS machine for the procedure, which is the fastest and safest machine available on the market.

When it comes to my eyesight, having a really re-assuring surgeon, and the latest and greatest machines to carry out the procedure really helps me to feel safe.

Sorry spectacles! I wouldn’t miss you. Maybe I will for dolly contact lens but definitely not the spectacle.

Clearvision’s Trans-epiLASIK (both eyes) costs $3625.16 SGD (inclusive of GST). Their comprehensive pre-LASIK evaluation (Payment to be made on the day of evaluation ) costs $25.16 SGD.

Oh, and of course, you can quote my name “Vanessa Tan” at the counter for a whopping $120 SGD off your Trans-epiLASIK package. That said, the fee for evaluation will be waived off on the day of the LASIK surgery when you’re making payment. ?

To find out if you’re suitable for Trans-epiLASIK, you can book an appointment by calling the LASIK hotline at +65 6100 2020 (20/20 perfect eyesight, get it? ??) or email [email protected].

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