Getting the Perfect V-face with Dr Daniel Chang

Smoky Eyebrows and 6D Eyelash Extension by Belle.
Ideal face shape – with a little help from Dr. Daniel Chang

As most of you might have noticed from my social media accounts (*hint* follow me at @YingVannie *hint*), my features seemed to be a little sharper recently and complexion got even way better. ?  I promised I would do a blogpost on what I’ve done to my face so here I am!

..though I’m gonna have to warn you, this is a lengthly post.

Due to time constraints, I’ve spilt the different treatments from Dr. Daniel into 2 visits instead. As there wasn’t much downtime for either my visits, I was free to rush for my next event after that without worrying about my looks.

Dr. Daniel offer a wide range of medical aesthetics services such as acne scar treatments, fillers, laser treatments, body contouring, laser hair removal, non-surgical facelifts and customized medical aesthetics treatments based on the latest technologies. "

“A wide range of medical aesthetics services such as acne scar treatments, fillers, laser treatments, body contouring, laser hair removal, non-surgical facelifts and customized medical aesthetics treatments based on the latest technologies.”

Consultation with Dr. Daniel Chang

My main concern is of course, my complexion, due to a previous severe outbreak. I was left pretty much scarred inside (heart) and out (face). Lol ??  As my age is (undoubtedly) catching up, my second priority was a shaper and tighter face.

Dr. Daniel Chang is an expert not only in dermatology but also has a vast area of expertise in Korean medical aesthetics. I still remember my first time visiting Dr. Daniel almost 2 years ago for a laser treatment. I left his clinic with amazing glowing skin for my modelling role in the Singapore Motorshow. Can’t believe that time passes so fast!

Light Skin Therapy

I tried my first light therapy in a clinic in Taiwan where I got to try out the “Red Light” that helps to promote skin healing. It’s actually a painless skincare treatment using a light source (LED, no, not your normal ones on the back of your handphone) that will be specifically tuned to target skin troubles.

Over at Dr. Daniel’s clinic, they actually provide not just 1, but 3 different kinds of Light Skin Therapy – Blue, Red and Yellow which targets different skins needs!

Blue Light Skin Therapy
Blue Light Skin Therapy

After cleansing my face, we first started off with the Blue Light Skin Therapy which aids in clearing of the skin. The blue light does this by activating the natural chemicals found in the bacteria that causes the redness in acne.

Not only that, it also helps stimulate the cells in your body to speed up the healing process, thus generating a blemish-free complexion.

Red Light Skin Therapy
Red Light Skin Therapy

Next up, was the Red Light Skin Therapy! The red light produces a wavelength outside of the skin-damaging UV range and helps to increase collagen production. It targets fine lines and wrinkles to produce that youthful looking skin!

Most people will definitely notice a firmer skin and diminished discolouration after the treatment. As y’all can see in the photos, your eyes will be covered so no worries about the glaring lights shining directly on your face.  ☀️

Skinboosters aka 水光针

Skinboosters are extremely popular, especially in Korea and Taiwan, because it’s a non-invasive procedure where tiny droplets of hyaluronic acid are injected under the skin to plump it up and increase its natural ability to LOCK and RETAIN moisture.

Having a clear complexion is already quite hard to achieve in a country with ridiculously humid weather like Singapore. Not to mention, obtaining a luminous, clear dewy skin on top of blemish-free complexion… You know THAT glow which all celebrities seem to have?

Sometimes, we wonder why no matter how hard we try, we can hardly achieve that glow with just skincare products or makeup without ending up looking oily instead of dewy (unless you’re born with damn good skin lah!).


As you can see from my photos, there’s dots of blood/redness on the injected areas. Of course, you will feel some sensation (like someone pricking you) but it’s not THAT painful as the mircro-needles goes in fast and injects the hyaluronic acid under your skin.


There will be small needle marks over the next 5 days to 1 week depending how fast your skin heals, and also how deep the needle went in. Fret not! It’s easily concealed with makeup such as BB cream or tinted sunblock, which is what I did. ?

V-lift & Chin Filler

Here is the real magic of achieving a smaller (V-lift) and sharper face (Chin Filler). Botox is one of the many options out in the market, but it takes quite some time (perhaps even months) to see the effect. Sometimes, it can take so long that I totally forgot if there’s actually a real difference in my face shape or it’s just 心里作用 (aka think too much) that my face got firmer. ?

How to tell if you're suitable?
How to tell if you’re suitable?

I asked Dr. Daniel is there any treatment that I could see a difference right after getting it done – Here is when I got to know about V-lift which I wouldn’t need to wait a few months like the conventional Botox for the effect to kick in to see the difference.

The most basic and simple way to tell if V-lift will make a difference on you is to gently push your skin upwards as seen from my photo.☝? V-lift able to smoothen and tighten up the crease/folds (I have circled it up in a heart-shape above).

Injecting into the needed areas ?
Injecting into the needed areas ?

Dr. Daniel carefully injected around the side of my face. Looking back at the photos now, it kinda looks painful and scary – but then again, it’s something which I didn’t experience during the treatment. My whole face was numbed so basically there’s not much sensation other than someone touching your face.

And before every injection, the nurse will attentively cool the area with ice as a double insurance. ❄️

Next up, Chin fillers!

Injecting the fillers into my chin
Dr. Daniel skillfully moulds the fillers into the right position.

After injecting just the right amount of fillers into my chin, this is where the important part is – Moulding. Dr. Daniel advocates more towards natural look which I prefer (y’all know not those super duper sharp look where you can poke 死人 kind).

You know different people has different kinds of preference and perception of beauty? Like when Westerners feel getting tanned skin is sexy and pretty, while Asians prefer fairer skin.

Just as much as having good fillers, having the right doctor is VERY important and also you must like the doctor’s “moulding skill” that you’re going for!

Belotero (Parvus fillers)
Belotero (Parvus fillers)

The brand of fillers which I’m using is called Parvus fillers. It’s a hyaluronic acid-based injectable filler that not only adds volume but also gives your skin a smoother appearance. The key to choosing the right fillers actually depends on which area and what kind of results you’re looking to achieve.

For example; To achieve a sharp, high nose and chin, a hard filler that stays is important.

Before & After
Before & After

The nurse helped me to snap a photo right after I did the chin fillers and V-lift. I was totally sold when I saw my face literally become tighter and sharper.

To be honest, I didn’t expect to see a vast difference so FAST for my jawline. No wonder it’s one of the most popular facelift procedures due to its immediate results and almost non-existence of swelling and scarring.

Why didn’t I find out about V-lift sooner? Now, I doubt I will go back to conventional Botox anymore seeing how V-lift “lifted” my face immediately after injecting. ?

At the really photo-worthy waiting/resting area.

Thank you Dr. Daniel for bringing me closer to perfection every time I visit you. You never fail to solve my beauty woes! ?

For those who are interested, you can check out Dr. Daniel Chang’s blog where he gives super useful and updated advice on latest beauty trends in Asia and also to check out more details about the different treatments he offers!

UPDATE [September 2016]:

Dr. Daniel Chang works on a very tight schedule. So do check out his Facebook to avoid disappointment!


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  • Joanna
    October 7, 2016

    Thanks for sharing. Your results are great! I would like to give it a try too. But how do I get in touch with Dr Daniel Chang? Please share his contact details. Thank you.

    • YingVannie
      November 20, 2016

      Hi Joanna! You can contact him via his Facebook page.

      • Pan
        February 18, 2017

        Hi i saw your post on niks maple clinic, im a girl with alot of acne scars so im wondering does the treatment you went for not cleared up your acne and scars? Hope you reply, Thanks

        • YingVannie
          May 20, 2017

          Hi Pan! I managed to clear majority acne and scars but it was a painful process emotionally and physically. Due to the outbreak, my skin is harder to take care now as compared to last time so it’s very important to use the right products. 🙂

  • Joshua loh
    November 18, 2017

    Hi, can i just check with u which clinic is Dr Daniel Yang in? I cant seem to find it. Cheers

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