It’s about 3 months since my worst massive outbreak, ever, due to DF’s product. For those who are new here, you can read about it at Ruined Complexion I [Niks Maple Clinic 1st Consultation].

My face now is more or less under control. At the very least, I could get back to work now and what’s “left” could be covered by makeup. Hope I don’t jinx it by saying this. ? *fingers crossed*

Here is a photo of me with makeup!
I focused more on the base (BB cushion + concealer) + Less on the eyes (Belle 6D eyelashes extension + Brown eyeliner wing) + Cherry peeled-off lips tint + Majolica Macaron Blush.

For the past 3 months, I learnt different ways to attempt to portray a “clean” image/face. It’s hard to “look clean” when your face is filled with big, fat, angry acnes, pimples with pus and scars.

Yes, I know. The best way to aid in healing is not to put on any makeup, but some assignments and events are booked way before my unexpected outbreak happened – I couldn’t push them away…

It’s not all about hiding your flaws, but to look at least presentable (or rather, pleasant) for the occasion (Basic respect, get it?) like wedding, etc.

When you thought getting rid of acne and pimples is all that you wanted, you forgot about the aftermath – scars.

It’s like a double “punishment”? First, you fight to recover from the acne outbreak, and now you have scars and marks left behind by acne to remind you what you had been through. ?


As you can tell the progression from left to right.
As you can tell – the progression from left to right.

From the extreme right photo, my face is more or less left with scars and some pitted holes (if you zoom in up-close) which can be covered with makeup. (FML, seriously!) There’s still pimples popping out at the edges of my face (sometimes my brows, too) but mostly it’s all under-control. (Please don’t jinx it. ? *Touch wood! Touch wood! ?*)

I’ve been through 4 sessions of Isolaz and 2 sessions of chemical peel under Niks Maple during this period. I didn’t see much results for my last session of Isolaz, unlike the previous 3 sessions where I could see tremendous improvement 1-2 days after the redness subsides.

Whereas for my 2nd session of chemical peel where the highest strength of 70% Glycolic acid was used, I saw a big improvement – brighter and clearer skin. I was told that I need an average of 6-9 sessions of chemical peel to lighten as much scars as possible before doing CO2 laser to remove my pitted scars caused by DF products. ?

All these treatments and medications unavoidably made my skin super duper dry and prone to flaking, causing my makeup to last for half a day or less? So, I was prescribed the ultimate hydration combo…

Hello to Ultrafine cleansing lotion and Intensive barrier repair cream!

Ultrafine smoothing cleansing lotion and Intensive barrier repair cream are added on top of my current routine (Golden lipid complex and Skin repair cream).

The Ultrafine cleanser is to replace my current Vitamin A cleanser. It has a super smooth milky texture that helps to calm and soothe the skin (kinda reminds me of baby products?). Intensive barrier repair cream also contains essential lipids which replenishes the skin’s protective barrier. It kinda has a thick, creamy texture and turns into a slightly more oil-based once you start massaging it into your skin.

I was told by the doctor that it might be quite oily because of amount of different moisturisers on my face. I was kinda worried when I heard that especially when my skin now is oily but dry and flaky then peeling. Little did I expect…

It’s a miracle combination for my skin! Even when I had serious flu where I kept blowing my nose with tissue paper, my skin around it didn’t start peeling. At most, there was a bit flaking due to tissue abrasion. It also helps to hold my makeup better even without a primer. ?

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