Ruined Complexion II [Niks Maple West Clinic 2nd Consultation]

My 2nd consultation with Dr. Ong was actually just 3 weeks from the 1st consultation (you can read about it here), but I was to be away during that week so I went to visit today instead (2 weeks and 2 days). Partly also because my skin started purging out the bumps that was caused by DF (the cause of my outbreak).

I called Niks Maple West Clinic the night before to have a rough gauge of what time I should start queuing for the morning session (since that’s the only session Dr. Ong is around).

Niks Maple West Clinic is the one furthest away (beside the coffeeshop).
Niks Maple West Clinic (circled in red) is the one furthest away (beside the coffee shop).

Goodness! I reached about 7.45am and this was the queue in front of me. The 1st person in queue was a lady and she told me she was queuing since..

..6.30am 我的天啊!?

To be honest, I was quite worried that I might not get to see Dr. Ong given such a long queue. Plus, what if someone in front was queuing for others too?! ?

Thank goodness!!!

As the queue behind me extended longer and longer, I decided to continue queuing anyway since I came all the way down early in the morning. Luckily I did! And I manage to get the last few numbers.

Due to Dr. Ong’s busy schedule today, she could only take in around 20 patients, but the nurse was kind enough to give out 2 more extra queue numbers. Even then, it wasn’t enough for all.

Damn happy to get a number even though we were told by the nurse the waiting time would be at least 3.5hours.

While queuing up to register, there were still people trying their luck and pretending to be in queue even though they didn’t get a queue number. Some even begged but was rejected. ?????

Toastbox @JEM
The only sofa seat. ☁️

Went over to Toastbox for breakfast! It’s the same price as any other Toastbox, just that the JEM outlet has sofa seats (only 1). ? And, since it’s a Wednesday morning it was not crowded at all! Yay!

I went back to the Niks Maple West Clinic at 12.30 noon as advised by the nurse but didn’t get to see Dr. Ong until almost 1.30pm.

Used to be S$20 (before GST) during my school days.
It used to be S$20 (before GST) during my school days…

They’re pretty strict about the timing – even it’s 15mins (5 mins extra), they will still charge you S$30 (before GST) for consultation. So the trick is not to ask things that nurses can answer, for example, prices, during consultation.

Nope. There’s no way you can haggle the price down by buying packages, more products, etc. ?

2 new product and another 2 upgraded to a stronger dosage.
2 new products and another 2 upgraded to a stronger dosage.

I’ve not much choice but to take oral medicine this time because I’m running out of time to spare for recovery. Desperate to get my complexion back, or at least able to be covered up completely with makeup by the end of this month. I’ve pushed away way too many jobs, casting and shoots due to this issue. ?

I feel tired by just looking at the amount of products I need to apply. ?
I feel tired by just looking at the amount of products I needed to apply. ?


  1. Glycol 10
  2. Golden Lipid Complex (New!)
  3. Aroma Acne Clear Gel
  4. Dalacin T Topical Lotion
  5. Skin Repair
  6. Blemish Concealer (Aka pimple cream)


  1. Glycol 12
  2. Golden Lipid Complex (New!)
  3. Aroma Acne Clear Gel
  4. Dalacin T Topical Lotion
  5. Skin Repair
  6. Retacynl 0.025%
  7. Retacynl 0.05% (New!)
  8. Blemish Concealer (Aka pimple cream)

I previously used the pat-and-dab method as much as possible until it’s mostly absorbed. Now? Due to time constraints, I just use my hair-dryer (cool mode) and lightly blow-dry my face after each layer. ?

The thought of queuing again 1 month later makes me go ?. Some of you might ask:

“Why didn’t you make an appointment? Is it very expensive?”

Nope. In-fact, it’s very reasonable! S$40+ instead of S$25+ for 1st 10mins of consultation. S$15+ to save at least 4 hours of your time which make it S$3.75/hour. PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY!! ?

Despite me trying to make an appointment for my 2nd consultation last month, I was still unable to secure a slot. Guess when is the earliest appointment availability for Dr. Ong?

..March 2016 (which is next year)!

I’m not exaggerating it. Even if you’ve money, Dr. Ong doesn’t have time to see you. Literally.

Let alone treatment like chemical peel, laser, etc. That’s why for my chemical peel (which was advised by Dr. Ong to do), I’ve decided not to wait anymore and go instead for Dr. Lau next Tuesday (the only day that I will be back in Singapore) instead.

In this meantime, you can read up my 1st consultation (click here) where I also shared a bit on why I suddenly got such a massive outbreak. Will do another review on Niks Maple’s chemical peel once I’ve tried! *Fingers crossed that it will be good!*

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Ruined Complexion I [Niks Maple Clinic 1st Consultation]
Ruined Complexion II [Niks Maple West Clinic 2nd Consultation]