Chemical peel is a technique used to regenerate skin by using acid, causing the skin to exfoliate/peel off and allow new skin to regrow.

I was advised by Dr. Ong to do a chemical peel, but she was too busy so I kept delaying until during the 2nd consultation, she actually asked me why I did not get it done yet (Click here for Part I & II).

Actually it’s just a simple procedure, so it doesn’t really matter which doctor does it…

..but 我就是要 Dr. Ong 嘛! ??

I’ve been travelling a bit too often in the month of December till I mixed up the only few dates that I’m actually in Singapore. Luckily, Ms. Pan Asian helped me to call in to Niks Maple to change my appointment. ?

I swear i look like a joke.
I swear I look like a joke.

As you can tell, Niks Maple is a no-frills clinic, so don’t expect a fanciful spa-like set-up like the “new generation” clinics nowadays. Even for making an appointment, you need to call in during clinic hours (the old-school way).

But hey! Even thought it’s damn obiang (aka old-fashioned) but it works well.

After the nurse cleansed my face, the doctor started applying the Glycolic peel 30% in a circular motion for about 3 to 5 minutes.

When the whole procedure is done, the nurse would apply some moisturiser on and… you’re done!

Right after chemical peel..
It’s hard to imagine how gross my face had been affected by DF. I’ve mentioned it quite a bit on what actually happened in my first post (here).

To be honest, I felt nothing throughout the whole Chemical peel procedure. Maybe it was because I did a few times before in Taiwan (here). Then again,  only the lowest strength (which is 30% Glycolic acid) was used because it’s the first time I’m doing it with Niks Maple.

Only during the 2nd Chemical peel appointment which is 3 weeks later will 70% Glycolic acid be used.

Oh, and it costs $85.60 SGD inclusive of GST for the Chemical peel regardless of strength.

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