Beauty Maintenance w/Dr Daniel [4D Nose thread lift + Skinbooster]

Higher Nosebridge – 2 months after Hiko Nosethread👃🏻

Hello all! It has been quite some time since I did any significant enhancements to my facial features. Actually, I should credit Dr Daniel Chang for his awesome skills and my previous nose Hiko threads done by him that actually lasted almost 2 years!

Just a quick recap: The two most popular non-surgical methods to enhance facial features are mainly Nose Threading – where dissolvable “threads” are being gently inserted into your nose, and Nose Fillers – where a “liquid” filler is being injected into selective spots of your nose.

Nose Threading usually costs more and lasts longer compared to Nose Fillers but of course, there are also other variables such as quality and also your aesthetic doctor’s skills.

For me, Nose Fillers doesn’t really last that long due to many reasons. One of the main reasons (that was quickly diagnosed by Dr Daniel) was that there is a “well” on my nose bridge that causes the fillers to just flow away no matter how much is being injected. Think of it like an extremely deep and leaky hole which leaks out to many other areas.

4D Nose Thread Lift

Getting my face cleansed and preparing for the procedure! 🧖🏻‍♀️

Dr Daniel’s 4D Nose Thread Lift technique lies in his trademark minimal bruise, minimal pain, 360° gentle rotation. That’s combined with specially crafted, thicker HIKO threads so they create a higher and more ski-sloped nose.

As compared to HIKO threads, some threads from other brands are much thinner. This results in a tendency for the threads to break more easily and thus require more threads – which also means more insertions required to achieve the same results. 💉

Dr Daniel will specially customise the lengths of threads depending on the results you want to achieve. Everyone has different nose shapes and sizes, so a little tweaking is definitely required to achieve your dream nose.

Waiting for the numbing cream to kick in, followed by the anaesthetic jab.

I’m actually quite afraid of pain, and so are many people I know.

Pain-level wise, I would say that the numbing injection is always the most painful part. 🤣 After the anaesthetic kicks in, you can’t really feel any pain, but you will still feel the thread movement such as the tugging and moulding.

As the previous time I had done HIKO Nose thread lift was over 2 years ago, the previous threads were already dissolved. While this happens, fibroblasts are stimulated to produce new collagen, resulting in tighter skin.

Due to my now tighter and firmer skin on my nose, I definitely felt more sensation as compared to my very first nose thread lift. Thanks to Dr Daniel’s 4D Nose Thread Lift technique, it’s actually super bearable!


Skinbooster – also known as Baby Dewdrops

One of the more popular skin rejuvenation procedures is the Skinbooster. It helps to hydrate, brighten and whiten your skin from the inside out, giving it a luminous glow.

The procedure is done using a machine with micro-needles pricking various areas around your face, injecting hyaluronic acid under your skin. As the micro-needles move in and out around your face, you might actually feel an itchy sensation rather than any pain.

Only eyeliner and lip balm applied on my face!

This is how I look right after Dr Daniel did his signature 4D Nose Thread Lift with HIKO threads for my nose and also the Skinbooster procedure! I managed to achieve a straight and perfect nose bridge in less than 30 minutes with zero bruising. The Skinbooster left some redness and a bit of a sandpaper texture after the treatment due to the use of micro-needles, but it usually goes away within the next few days.

How often should I get my Beauty Maintenance fix?

4D Nose Thread Lift: Usually once a year!

Unlike Nose Fillers, Nose Threading usually lasts way longer.

For me, it lasted for roughly 2 years – not only because of the quality HIKO threads used but also due to the way Dr Daniel inserted and gently aligning the threads at the right places.

With that said, not all noses are the same. Generally, it’s totally fine to go for a touch up of Nose Threads around the one-year mark!

For more information, you can check out Dr Daniel’s blog at:

Skinbooster: Once a month!

On the other hand, the Skinbooster procedure is done in a set of 4 sessions with an interval of 1-month between each session to obtain the most optimal results.

Blue-light Therapy: Weekly

Another of my favourite treatments is the Blue-light Therapy. For my combination-type skin, this treatment helps to kill acne bacteria while brightening the face. It’s a quick procedure that can be done within 15 minutes.

Of course, there are other light therapies such as yellow light for pigmentation, and red light to promote and boost collagen, etc.


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