“Mrs Pho has one of the most authentic Vietnamese food in Singapore!”, was told to me excitedly by a Vietnamese friend shortly after I posted a photo of Mrs Pho on my Instagram account.

I’ve never really went for Vietnamese food specifically, but after trying Mrs Pho, wow, I was impressed!


Firstly, they’ve really quirky (to us local Singaporeans at least) but yummy drinks – I got to try the Coconut Milkshake and the Vietnamese Summer Tea.



Here’s their take on the standard Vietnamese Rice Roll – pretty good, but I like more meat in my dishes…

..and now, the main course – the dishes that you must try from Mrs Pho – Pho!!!!


I really like the pho with half-cooked beef! The faster you eat it (while the soup is still boiling hot), the less cooked your beef will be. You can leave the beef for as long as you would like it to continue cooking. Yummy!


And this is the one with a little bit of everything – perfect for those who are not sure exactly what they want to eat… yet! Well, there’s some meatballs, slices of beef, a little bit of pork, chicken, and almost everything!

Did I mention, they’re totally cool if you’re sitting on that makeshift outside seat outside their shop with a furry friend, too? Here’s little (and big) Yandao seated outside the store. Look at the sneaky boy’s face – and as you already know, this #PickyYandao only smiles when he smells good food around him!



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