Well, today I was around the Tanglin area and wanted to get some packages posted – but my stomach was also growling because Yandao the Spitz ate most of my breakfast.

And then I found Nassim Hill – Bakery, Bistro, Bar. This place is literally in the middle of no-where, apart from private estates surrounding it, and a post office directly beside it.

My first impression was that this place does everything – breakfast, lunch, dinner also serve. Plus, there was a mini standee on each table which stated that there was “1-for-1 for DBS/POSB cardholders”.


Was this a deal that was too good to be true?

The culprit who ate my breakfast.

This is the culprit who ate my breakfast. Don’t underestimate this little Japanese Spitz – he only eats human-grade food.

Today, it was my utmost honour to have him devour all my breakfast. I felt that it was kind of like a detox – I felt much healthier after Yandao gobbled up everything leaving me with absolutely nothing at all.


Now, it’s time to feast!

I ordered the Nassim Hill Double Decker Burger (which, for some *coughs* weird reason, looks much smaller in real than those images of sponsored advertorials you can find on Google) and the Chilli Crab Pasta, which was honestly pretty good.

The burger was really nothing to scream about given it’s size (or lack thereof). Basically, it’s just your average beef burger with a pickle on top on. Honestly, without the fries, I don’t think it would be enough to fill anyone’s tummy.

The Chilli Crab Pasta, however, was the saving grace – the crab meat was actually springy, and the sauce tasted uncannily like (real) chilli crab sauce! It was arguably really fragrant, and I could literally smell it as they were serving the dish.


Tea is served by the pot as well, so you can get cups to share. Standard Gryphon teas, which by the way, is actually a Singapore brand!


Oh, and one more thing, this place isn’t officially a dog cafe but they’re pretty dog-friendly. They do provide a dog bowl filled with water for your furry buddy!


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