How to Raw-feed Your Dogs in Singapore

The two boys are now always looking forward to their meals! 🥣

I often receive questions regarding Yandao‘s and Lengzai‘s raw diet whenever I post up photos of their yummy platters.

But, first things first – I’m no expert i this as I’m still learning every day, just like you.

This post is not here to convince you nor educate you on the suitability of introducing raw-diet for your pets. Of course, different dogs have significantly different preferences and requirements for their meals. Also, there are plenty of much better articles out there to address the concerns of raw-feeding.

Majority of the dogs I’ve come across fall in love raw diet from the very first introduction – but not all of them do.

This post is pretty much just MY point of view and how I prepare raw ingredients for my two boys. Please, consult your vet or relevant canine dietary experts if you have any doubts!

Background: How I Started Raw-Feeding

Oh, have I shown you my in-built kibbles bin which is built into the kitchen cabinets? 🐾

Yandao the Spitz and Lengzai the Husky used to be on kibbles and freeze-dried diet. My personal choice of kibbles was the Merrick Grain Free Real Duck + Sweet Potato which costs about S$160 for the biggest 25lb bag. This would last them approximately 3 weeks.

This means that just kibbles itself will cost around S$213 – excluding add-on like freeze-dried meat cubes, supplements, etc. Ironically, after we started raw-feeding, we found kibbles to be more expensive than us getting actual raw meats for the boys. 😂

The boys’ raw-diet journey all began one fine evening with K feeling generous and buying them minced Australian Waygu beef – simply because the supermarket downstairs had them on sale. That was coincidentally the night where I had just opened up a new bag of kibbles (which ended up being repacked and donated… 🤷🏻‍♀️)

From that night onwards, the boys’ staple food was now essentially raw meats…

Meat (steak + minced chicken), Chicken Liver, Chicken Feet, Pureed Vegetables and supplements.

The general rule of thumb on how much to feed your furry friend goes from 2.5% to 3% of your dog’s weight. It also depends if you wanna maintain, increase or decrease your dog’s weight based on its health level.

From that weight, I generally divide it into 80% meat, 10% bones, 5% liver and 5% other offals.

One size does not fit all, though. You have to try and tweak the formula for your dog since no two dogs are 100% alike.

I started off my journey from following the formulas strictly down to the exact grams, giving them different kind of meat (brisket, heart, lung, etc), organs, liver and bones. However, as time passed, I realised that they absorb the nutrients better when I give them a single core of ingredients in the individual category.

This means 1 kind of meat (either Chicken/Beef/Duck), 1 kind of bone, liver and offal, respectively.

Raw Guidline by Boo – This greatly helped me to figure out the eligible items for each category of feed! Thank you, Boo!

Oh, and ever since I started the boys on their raw diet, I became way more obsessed with their poo!

According to the poo’s consistency and colour, you can roughly know if you’re feeding the correct proportions and tweak your own formula accordingly. 💩

Preparation & Packing Raw Feed

Grinding Hormone-free Chicken Thighs

KitchenAid Food Grinder
I actually order whole Hormone-free Chicken Thighs from the meat suppliers. But then I proceed to DIY grind them myself because firstly, I want to make sure that the meat is actually thigh meat, and secondly, the boys tend to absorb ground meat better.

And then there’s the problem of freezer space.. 😅

My kitchen SMEG fridge is simply too small – thus I had to get a mini-bar freezer just for the boys’ raw diet. The maximum that I can pack with my mini-bar freezer is about 22 packs of raw feed. This means that every 11 days, I will need to order and prepare the boys’ raw diet.

Manicuring Chicken & Duck Feet

Here’s also where it gets fun and.. messy.

Manicured Chicken Feet 🐓

Did you know that chicken feet is actually a fantastic source of collagen and bones for your furry friend?

However, it is crucial that you trim away the nails of the chicken feet to make sure there are absolutely no sharp edges that might cause any unfortunate accidents.

In place of chicken feet, you can also feed beef tails, duck necks, etc – but from my experience, those were a nightmare to handle. It’s extremely difficult to chop, given how thick the bones are. Every chop for those parts seems to drain all my energy.

I do buy them still nowadays, but I feed it more as a treat or an add-on, rather than a staple. 😫

My favourite choice of bones is actually chicken and duck feet as they’re the easiest to handle and not so messy to prepare.☝🏻

Omakase.🍣 Fresh off the table. 🔪

Usually, I will thaw the frozen meats slightly by putting all the ingredients in the chiller overnight so that it will be much easier to pack. I keep it a point not to defrost the meats totally so as to lower the risk of bacteria growth and potential contamination.

Some people have actually asked me why I “minced the meat and chopped the bones” as by doing so, I could miss out on one of the benefits of raw-feeding – chewing to clean the dogs’ teeth, so, here’s why:

Firstly, as what I’ve mentioned above, I find that my two boys react better towards ground meat and that I’m able to squeeze more packs into my already small bar freezer. Secondly, the furry boys still do need to chew because it’s after all still bones (duh!), and I do give them other dental treats from time to time.

Packing Everything Together into Meals

HGP Free Chicken 🐔

We (Asian) humans mostly have rice as our staple. But for our furry friends, the staple is of course meats!

I usually layer the meat at the bottom of the pack first. This constitutes about 80% of the total diet.

Usually, I will put a little more than required to offset the moisture and air, so that when I defrost it, the serving will be just the right serving size.

You might wonder why I used (cheap) plastic bags as per the above photo?

I’ve actually also tried

  1. Boxes – ..but found that I could only fit 5 boxes max in my tiny freezer 🙅🏻‍♀️
  2. Vacuum-sealed Packs – I used to do this too, but I could only fit 18 packs which last only 9 days due to the irregular shape of the packaging after the air is sucked out. 🙅🏻‍♀️

Anyway, whichever method you choose to pack, do make sure it’s freezer-safe (some containers will crack when they’re frozen – be warned)!

5% of Liver + 5 % of Offals

This is then followed by the more bloody stuff – liver and offals!

The reason why I placed these on the top of the ground meat is so that in the event the liver and offal are defrosted and “leaking” juices, it will be “absorbed” by the meat first. 🙊

10% bones 🍖

Never, ever, place the bones at the bottom of the pack if you’re using a plastic bag! 10 out of 10 times frozen bones will never fail to pierce through the bags causing a leakage.

Oh, and here’s another tip:

Most weighing scales actually have a reset function. You can use that function to reset the weight for each type of raw feed you pack into the meal!

My tiny mini bar freezer… packed full!

Here’s how a mini-bar freezer with 22 packs (11 days) of raw-feed packed to the brim looks like!

Usually, I will double pack each pack with an extra clean plastic bag individually before I store it in the freezer for hygiene purposes.

I know it’s probably not the most environmentally friendly way, but it’s currently the best method that works for me…. until there’s an even better way – or when we have space for a bigger freezer. 💰💰

Supplements to top up the boys’ already delicious diet 💊

Supplements wise, I usually get it from iHerb as they provide the most competitive prices by far, and their shipping is insanely fast, too.

Mainly, I give the boys’ probiotics to help with their digestion, and a little bit of fish oil and coconut oil for better fur texture and to add a little bit of shine.

You can use my (or rather, K’s) promo code, “KEL8585” for a 5% further discount and free shipping! 💁🏻‍♀️

Vegetables are a Must, too!🥦🥕

Especially for Lengzai the Husky who loves his carrots and broccoli more than anything else. Yandao the Spitz, on the other hand, hates greens.

Not too long ago, Yandao used to trick Lengzai by throwing a few pieces of his unwanted veggies on the floor. He then waited for Lengzai to go for the tossed veggies, during which he will go for Lengzai’s meat serving! 😒

I usually lightly steam about 1-week’s share of a blend of a few kinds of vegetables: Carrots, Broccoli and Celery

I then puree them using a blender for better absorption. On lazier days – or days when I feel a little richer, I will just order premixed veggies online such as food supplements from Momojojo or Rawsome Pawsome Green Slush from Wholesome Paws to save me all the trouble! 🐾

You can read here on how do I prepare and make bone broth and veggie purée for them [How-to] Making Bone Broth & Vegetable Purée for your Furkid in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Nom nom nom.. We love our raw diets!

Is Raw-feeding Expensive?

Erm, nope. Because I prepare the ingredients myself. You could go with prepacked solutions, but there’s in hefty markup in that.

On the average, I spend about S$160 – S$200 monthly on basics (meat, liver, offals and bones) excluding add-ons.

How is the Transition from Kibbles-to-Raw-feeding Like?

Some say you should introduce raw little by a little, while others say do raw meats first, followed by liver and offals. I guess different people have their own opinions on how you should transit your dogs(s) to raw.

For our boys, we just switched them completely all-at-once. Do note that lao sai (diarrhoea) is actually common when your dogs’ first try raw meats out. Yandao had no transiting issues (except maybe for some soft stools), while Lengzai went on a traditional diarrhoea spree for almost a week… 😭

Will Your Dog Crave for Blood or Bite Humans Since They’re Eating Raw Meats?

Well, you’ve eating meat such as beef tartare, salmon sashimi, etc..

Do you go around biting other people? 🙄

Is it Difficult to Prepare Raw-feed Yourself?

Nope – it’s not difficult, it’s just really time-consuming.

It’s freaking troublesome and damn sai kang but the savings I get from it is really significate.

If you have the budget or simply feel a little rich, go for the ready-packed ones. There are a few good providers who will send pre-packed raw-feed to your doorstep weekly!

Isn’t it Better to Feed Fresh Meats Instead of Frozen?

Nope. I initially thought the same way as you too, and I learnt my lesson the hard way.

We started off with fresh chicken and beef from the supermarket initially till the vet told us that fresh meats in Singapore isn’t exactly fresh due to our production cold-chain processes.

Farm -> Slaughterhouse -> Factory -> Supplier -> Market -> You

Lots of bacteria are actually accumulated along the way – even when the meat is left cold but not frozen. This is because fresh meats have never gone through a deep-freeze process at point of slaughter to eliminate almost all bacteria.

That’s why frozen meat is a better choice as there is significantly less chance for contamination. This is the same logic as our salmon sashimi which we all love eating in Singapore – not every salmon is sashimi-grade! The sashimi-grade ones are usually deep-frozen at point of capture!

Where Do I Order Frozen Meats?

There are quite a number of suppliers such as Omni Frozen Food, QB Food, Ben’s Food, etc.

Yeap. Those are the exact same places as where you would order ingredients for your barbeque. I mean feeding your furkids the best also means feeding them with human-grade ingredients, no?

If it’s not safe for humans, why would you want to give it to your furkid?

That said – welcome to the journey of raw-feeding your furkid!

You’ll notice loads of positive changes really quickly, and you’ll have a lot of fun along the way experimenting, too.

Oh, and as always, feel free to hit me up if you’ve any questions at the comment box below. 🙂

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  • Hweeee
    March 12, 2018


    So thankful for your insights on raw feeding. Would like to ask on the amount to feed based on 2% – 3% of furkids’s weight. Is this ratio for a meal or a day?

    Thank you soooo much! ◡̈

    • YingVannie
      March 12, 2018

      Hi! The ratio is for per day, after that I will spilt it into 2 meals. You’re welcome. 🙂

  • thomas
    July 30, 2018

    I feed my cats raw food too.

    I’m thinking of grinding up his food too but grinders seems like such a hassle. So I wanted to ask, what grinder are you using? How much does it cost and is it difficult to clean?

    Just wanted to add a few things:

    Regarding transition from kibble to raw, they whole idea of doing it slowly is to prevent the diarrhea! Since when you change food types the stomach also needs time to adjust. But once they have fully adjusted the poo should be lesser and also not as smelly!

    As for the freezing part, it’s good to freeze for at least 2-3 days to kill most parasites. However, bacteria might not necessarily be killed. This is not a problem though because their digestive tracts are shorter and the bacteria will just pass through without doing any damage.

    btw, nice detailed guide! pretty much covered all aspects of raw feeding 🙂

    • YingVannie
      July 31, 2018

      Thanks for the tips! I’m using Kitchen Aid with a meat grinder attachment. Do note that it wouldn’t be strong enough to grind bones. Cleaning-wise, it is pretty easy to clean because it can be dismantled and also dishwasher safe.

  • Lee
    October 2, 2018

    Hello, wanted to get the petkit bowl for my dogs too as I need the weight function because I’m feeding dehydrated meat. May I know how long have you been using them and where did you get the bowls? any comments on the bowl? Especially for the smaller one which do not come in a stainless steel removable bowl, how’s cleaning and all? Very curious did you use their smart function as well. I have a medium and large size dog as well!

    • YingVannie
      October 5, 2018

      Hi! I got mine directly from the Petkit official store. They claim that the small smart bowl is waterproof but sadly the one I got shows otherwise. It lasted barely a few months and weighting function went haywire. I open up and saw inside is full of rust (no waterproof sealing as they claim) which is extremely dangerous.

      I would recommend you to go for the big one as you can remove the stainless steel bowl for cleaning. Way much safer.

      • Lee
        October 5, 2018

        Wow, luckily I have not got it yet. Was waiting for your reply.. Haha.. Do you think the big one is too big for your Spitz? Cos my smaller dog is almost the same size as your spitz. How do you clean the big petkit exterior then? Or do you recommend don’t need waste money on perkit? Lol

        • YingVannie
          October 9, 2018

          The small Petkit smart bowl was just nice for my spitz. The big one was for my husky. For that, I clean and disinfect the exterior using a kitchen towel with a little soap after every meal. The Petkit smart bowl is good if you need to portion and weight each meal. For me, their raw is already portioned nicely for each meal thus I decided to change it to an elevated wooden stand with stainless steel bowl instead.

  • Liz
    December 12, 2018

    Freezing doesn’t kill the bacteria, the reason why it’s ok to feed raw even though they contain bacteria ie because raw fed pets have Low pH level stomach acid that can handle bacteria.

    • YingVannie
      January 16, 2019

      Normal freezing doesn’t kill the bacteria thou. It is more preferred to go for those that went through deep freezing instead. 😊

  • Cher
    January 4, 2019

    Hi, I’ve been feeding my 12 week old golden retriever puppy breast meat (added chicken feet for the last 3 days) for the past week and he is still having loose stool. Is that normal? How Long will it take for loose stool to firm up? Thanks!

    • YingVannie
      January 16, 2019

      Hi Cher! I only started feeding my boys’ raw diet when they turn adult. I add slippery elm in their meal to soothe their guts/stomach or add more raw bones when they have loose stools but I’m not sure if it will be suitable for puppies. Yandao the spitz doesn’t have much issue other than soft stools during his transition to raw where else Lengzai the husky went on full blown diarrhoea spree for the whole week. You might like to check with your vet for more accurate information!

      • Cher
        January 17, 2019

        Hi, thanks for the reply. 🙂 May I know where did you get your slippery elm?

  • Rosy
    February 6, 2019

    Hi babe i just started my dog on raw food and like yours he is on a lao sai spree. Was your dog a little sian when he was having his diahorrea? And did you bring him to the vet? I am just very afraid its bacteria 🙁

    • YingVannie
      February 26, 2019

      Hi Rosy! Yandao the spitz didn’t go through the diarrhoea spree, the most he got was just soft stools. Lengzai the husky on another hand experienced the full-blown diarrhoea spree but despite that, he was still very active. I add slippery elm in their meal to soothe their guts/stomach or add more raw bones when they have loose stools.

      Maybe can try giving just plain meat first to your furkid? You can slowly introduce the rest such as bones and offals once his/her stomach used to it. If you suspect that it’s a bacterial infection, it’s best to visit the vet for a checkup just in case. 🐶💕

  • Phyl
    February 11, 2019

    Hi. Do you buy frozen, thaw and refreeze again?

    • YingVannie
      February 26, 2019

      Hi Phyl! Do only get frozen meat that went through deep-freeze before. For me, I let it thaw slightly – just enough to for me to cut and portion the ingredients. Once it’s done, I refreeze their portioned meal back to my freezer lowest degree (which is -24º) for at least 5 to 6 days before feeding them.

  • Karen
    May 9, 2019

    Do you thaw the meat before feeding them?

    • YingVannie
      June 24, 2019

      Hi Karen, I thaw it overnight before feeding them by transferring it from the freezer to the fridge.

  • david hasseljolf
    September 6, 2019

    how much should we feed our dog who is about 2o kgs?

    • YingVannie
      July 18, 2021

      Hi David,

      The general rule of thumb should be around 2 to 2.5% per day of the dog’s body weight for adult dogs 🙂

      Your results might vary. With raw feeding, a lot of experimentation is required to get it just right!

  • Kai
    September 11, 2019

    Hello! Where do u get ur hormone free chicken thighs? Not sure if the Omni chicken thighs (with bones & from brazil) are hormone free.

    • YingVannie
      July 18, 2021

      Hi Kai,

      It’s been a while since the post, but if you’re still wondering, other places like Kee Song Chicken, or even Redmart or NTUC that have hormone free chicken!

  • pun
    September 22, 2019

    Hi, i have a pom canine size, will like to switch bee to raw food, so j just get the frozen meats?

    • YingVannie
      July 18, 2021

      Hi Pun,

      For a pom, it might be more worth just buying pre-packed ready-to-eat raw instead. The amount of savings that you’ll get is not really worth the time versus the portion which a pom eats. For larger dogs, this cost gets exponentially higher…

  • YW
    September 27, 2019


    Thanks so much for the detailed and informative post. May I know what supplements you give, the quantity, and what are the reasons for each supplement? I’m afraid that I might be missing out on a key nutrient for my doggo. Thanks!

    • YingVannie
      July 18, 2021

      Hi YW,

      I think I give quite a bit of supplements, including collagen powder, rose hip, green-lipped mussels, digestive enzymes and quite a few more. I usually experiment to see how are my dogs’ reactions to each supplement. Try adding it one at a time per day and see how the reaction is.

  • Cassandra
    October 10, 2019

    Hi, I was wondering if I could buy meats from wet markets? The websites online catering to raw dog diets all seem expensive

    • YingVannie
      July 18, 2021

      Hi Cassandra,

      It would be cheaper to buy frozen, and also to a certain extent, pre-packed meat which was deep-frozen might be safer in terms of the potential bacteria count. My dogs didn’t really respond well to “fresh” meats from the market but do better with frozen. Hope that helps!

  • Yumi
    October 15, 2019

    Hi thanks for sharing your raw feeding journey. Usually how much raw meat a spitz is able to eat per day? The raw meat you order from omni frozen fresh?

    • YingVannie
      July 18, 2021

      Hi Yumi,

      Generally for Yandao, being 12kg, eats around 250g to 300g per day of raw meat. Currently, I have switched to Organic Paws because I’m a little bit lazy to pack it myself these days…

  • Melissa
    October 31, 2019

    Hey there, your post REALLY helped me a lot as I am transitioning to raw feeding for the first time. Thank you!

    I’ve ordered frozen meats from one of the suppliers you listed above. But I realized that in the prepping process where I separate the meats into daily bags, the meat does thaw as the process is (as you said) time consuming.

    I’m wondering if this happens for you? I’m worries it may not be safe to refreeze thawed food.

    • YingVannie
      July 18, 2021

      Hi Melissa,

      I think re-freezing once again should be fine. I have a freezer which does it at -25C so it’s almost as good as the commercial freezers. Just need to leave it at -25C for a couple of days to be safe. I think the quality of the meat degrades significantly each time you do a thaw.

  • Vanessa Loh
    July 12, 2020

    Thank you so much for the effort you put into writing this. I find it extremely helpful. I’m starting to feed my dog raw (started today only haha). He’s a 9 month old Japanese spitz and he’s extremely fussy with food. He was enthusiastic with keesong organic lacto minced chicken meat, much to my relief. My question is if we buy frozen , how do we then thaw it to divide the meat and offals into serving portions? Must thaw first , divide it then freeze again ah? 😅

    • YingVannie
      July 18, 2021

      Hi Vanessa,

      Ah, actually I used to work with the meats while they were semi-thawed, and then sliced/chopped the meat. It’s much easier than fully thawing it out. You need to freeze for a couple of days at -25C (or as cold as possible) before using though, so make sure your freezer can go really cold!

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