So, I was contacted by Kassidy from Sudio Sweden a while back to test out their earphones – and I got to choose from their KLANG and TVA range of earphones in a colour of my liking.

Of course, since I am an avid iPhone user, I picked their KLANG earphones, in white (and gold!). This series featured a 3-button remote which only works with the iPhone.

Fast-forward a week or so, I received a call from their courier in the middle of the day. My package had arrived, and I excitedly ripped the packaging open to find this:


My first impression was kinda like a “Wow, this box of Sudio Earphones is actually pretty heavy.”

To be honest, the build quality of the box felt like it was an Apple product – slightly exquisite, a lot of weight, and the usage of magnets in the cover. It honestly feels more expensive than it really is.

I opened up the box and… found 2 more boxes inside: 1 for the earphones itself, and the other with accessories including earbud tips of various sizes (not-in-picture), and a pretty luxurious leather pouch for my earphones! Yay, now I don’t have to worry about the cord getting tangled when I leave my earphones in my bags by accident!


The amazing thing about the KLANG is that it wasn’t just designed as fancy earphones – it was also designed to be worn as a fashion accessory by itself. You know those times when you don’t want to be harassed while walking amongst shopping centers, avoiding salespeople who are trying to peddle you credit card subscriptions?


Well, just plug in your pair of KLANG earphones and you can enjoy peace and comfort while looking good!


Anyway, for those of you who want to test Sudio Earphones out for yourselves, head to their website at and check out their whole range of earphones! They’ve even a new Vasa range now for sale.

One more thing – enter “YingVannie” during checkout for an exclusive 15% off plus free international shipping your purchase!

Have fun!