Getting the Perfect V-face with Dr Daniel Chang

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Smoky Eyebrows and 6D Eyelash Extension by Belle.

Ideal face shape – with a little help from Dr. Daniel Chang

As most of you might have noticed from my social media accounts (*hint* follow me at @YingVannie *hint*), my features seemed to be a little sharper recently and complexion got even way better. ?  I promised I would do a blogpost on what I’ve done to my face so here I am!

..though I’m gonna have to warn you, this is a lengthly post.

Due to time constraints, I’ve spilt the different treatments from Dr. Daniel into 2 visits instead. As there wasn’t much downtime for either my visits, I was free to rush for my next event after that without worrying about my looks.

Dr. Daniel offer a wide range of medical aesthetics services such as acne scar treatments, fillers, laser treatments, body contouring, laser hair removal, non-surgical facelifts and customized medical aesthetics treatments based on the latest technologies. "

“A wide range of medical aesthetics services such as acne scar treatments, fillers, laser treatments, body contouring, laser hair removal, non-surgical facelifts and customized medical aesthetics treatments based on the latest technologies.”


Consultation with Dr. Daniel Chang

My main concern is of course, my complexion, due to a previous severe outbreak. I was left pretty much scarred inside (heart) and out (face). Lol ??  As my age is (undoubtedly) catching up, my second priority was a shaper and tighter face.

Dr. Daniel Chang is an expert not only in dermatology but also has a vast area of expertise in Korean medical aesthetics. I still remember my first time visiting Dr. Daniel almost 2 years ago for a laser treatment. I left his clinic with amazing glowing skin for my modelling role in the Singapore Motorshow. Can’t believe that time passes so fast!

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Perfect Eyesight w/Clearvision [Trans-epiLASIK Aftercare]

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Hi everybody~~~? Here is a photo of me! Just that, this time round with no contact lenses to enhance my eyes because I’ve perfect eyesight now. *Flips hair* ?

I’ve received many questions from y’all (including my friends) and the very top concerns that I’ve been receiving are;

Can you see immediately after the Trans-epiLASIK surgery?

Yes, you can… but only about 70% – Your vision would be similar to as if you’ve just stepped-out from a cold place (a bit foggy). The first 3 days after I done my Trans-epiLASIK, my eyesight fluctuates like mad – one moment it’s super clear, the next moment I couldn’t even read what’s on my handphone screen despite putting it almost infront of me.

The 3rd day onwards, My vision remained pretty stable (occasionally a bit blur, but it went off after blinking several times).

The reason was due to that the eye cells were still moving around, thus the fluctuation. Some might takes a few months for their eyesight to stable down. SOME.

How high is your degree/astigmatism? Is it fully corrected?

Can’t really remember my astigmatism, but it’s pretty high if I didn’t remember wrongly. My degree is about 700 for both eyes. Like most people, I do have the concern of under-correcting/over-correcting, especially when there’s a saying that the higher your degree, the harder it is to achieve perfect eyesight.

That’s why it’s EXTREMELY important to choose the right doctor and also the one that you feel safe and comfortable with. Dr. Tony Ho from Clearvision is not only a well-recognised and respected figure in the Singapore refractive surgery arena, but also has over 25 years of specialty experience.

Thanks to Dr. Tony that I achieved something that I never dreamt of – PERFECT eyesight! ? I’ve posted a chart of my favourite zeros later on in this blogpost. ? There’s still a bit of unnoticeable fluctuation currently as the eye cells still moving.

How do you make your eyes looks bigger without dolly contact lens? Do you feel your eyes looks “dead” or look like it loses its focus (in other words, pak jiao or soulless) after LASIK?

There’re many ways to create the illusion of bigger eyes without dolly contact lenses. To name a few – heavier eye make-up (such as thicker eyeliner), falsies or eyelash extensions.

Nope. Just look at my photo that I have posted above, does my eyes looks “soul-less”?☝? Nope! I feel that my eyes even looks brighter than before!

  1. I did Tran-epiLasik which doesn’t involve any cutting of the corneal flap (“cutting” is the culprit that potentially leads to eye dryness).
  2. Having perfect eyesight now means there’s no need for contact lenses. No matter how highly permeable or “breathable” your contact lenses are, especially during days when you wear contact lens for long hours, you’re bound to experience some sort of dry eyes. After all, there’s a “plastic” covering your eyes from breathing.
  3. Lubricant (for eyes!) Not only refreshes and moisturises your eyes (like what normal eye drops do), but also gives your eyes the watery, shiny, waxy(?) look! It can be used on normal, healthy eyes (why didn’t I find out the existence of such products earlier?! *Hiao mood on aka bimbo mood*)

The eyepatch and shades are included in the Trans-epiLASIK package. Separate cost for the lubricant eyedrops.

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Perfect Eyesight w/Clearvision [Trans-epiLASIK Procedure]

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My LASIK surgery was scheduled the very next morning after my pre-LASIK evaluation! I opted for the Trans-epiLASIK under Dr. Tony Ho from Clearvision. The reason why I wanted to do it as soon as possible was due to the fact I’m no longer suitable for contact lenses.

For those who clearly know that LASIK is what you want, I suggest you have the surgery on the same day (provided your pre-LASIK evaluation is early in the morning and also do check with Clearvision on the doctor’s availability.)

Also for contact lens users, it also saves you the trouble of abstaining from contact lenses again (2 days for soft lens and 10 days for hard lens).


Clearvision is located behind Lucky Plaza and Paragon.

If somebody that is driving is gonna accompany you down, I would recommend parking at Lucky Plaza (which is the cheapest and nearest). The other 2 nearby choices would be Paragon and Mount Elizabeth Hospital. However, I don’t recommend the latter because: 1) It’s always packed, even before 9am on weekdays (tried and tested ?), 2) It’s freaking expensive (even their valet costs $12 SGD if I didn’t remember wrongly ?  ).

Do remember not to wear any eye make-up or deodorant. Your eyes must be absolutely clean for the procedure! I got to admit I had my eyelashes extension done by Belle on but because it’s a strand-by-strand extension, it doesn’t clump up dirt (can be cleansed easily) and most importantly, it’s extremely soft and comfy. So you have to make sure that your extensions are clean and comfy enough, or else I would recommend you to simply remove them before the LASIK surgery.

… Also do not apply perfumes or lotions as this can interfere with sterile machines and equipment!


You will be given some forms to read through before signing. Basically some consent forms and also important points to take note.  ?

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Ruined Complexion Final [Acne Scars and Skin Damage]

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It’s about 3 months since my worst massive outbreak, ever, due to DF’s product. For those who are new here, you can read about it at Ruined Complexion I [Niks Maple Clinic 1st Consultation].

My face now is more or less under control. At the very least, I could get back to work now and what’s “left” could be covered by makeup. Hope I don’t jinx it by saying this. ? *fingers crossed*

Here is a photo of me with makeup!

I focused more on the base (BB cushion + concealer) + Less on the eyes (Belle 6D eyelashes extension + Brown eyeliner wing) + Cherry peeled-off lips tint + Majolica Macaron Blush.

For the past 3 months, I learnt different ways to attempt to portray a “clean” image/face. It’s hard to “look clean” when your face is filled with big, fat, angry acnes, pimples with pus and scars.

Yes, I know. The best way to aid in healing is not to put on any makeup, but some assignments and events are booked way before my unexpected outbreak happened – I couldn’t push them away…

It’s not all about hiding your flaws, but to look at least presentable (or rather, pleasant) for the occasion (Basic respect, get it?) like wedding, etc.

When you thought getting rid of acne and pimples is all that you wanted, you forgot about the aftermath – scars.

It’s like a double “punishment”? First, you fight to recover from the acne outbreak, and now you have scars and marks left behind by acne to remind you what you had been through. ?


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