Sushi Jiro – Fine Japanese Dining at a Steal! [Review]

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Sushi Jiro’s entrance is located on the 4th floor of Marina Mandarin – you won’t see an English signage though!

You probably already knew that I’m a huge fan of Japanese cuisine from all my Instagram posts, and truth be told, I am actually quite picky about where I eat my Japanese food too.

Don’t get me wrong – the place doesn’t have to be super atas, but the food has to be fresh and the preparation has to be proper – because hey, we’re going to be dealing with a lot of raw ingredients here… and they’re really fragile!

So, imagine my surprise when I was invited to Sushi Jiro for a tasting session of their new menu!

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[How-to] Making Bone Broth & Vegetable Purée for your Furkid in Singapore

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So you’ve heard that this is the good stuff which your dogs would totally love? Or maybe you’ve heard that Bone Broth is packed with so much nutrients and yum?

Okay, you’ve came to the right place!

A very delightful Lengzai the Husky who loves greens, and a sceptical Yandao the Spitz wondering why the veggie purée smells of meat. 🍖🌿

Some say that our beloved pet dogs are descendants from their wolf ancestors – thus they’re a 100% carnivorous and do not need vegetables in their diet. They also believe that meats alone are sufficient to provide a full range of nutrients that dogs need.

Well, unfortunately, I’m one of those who believe otherwise. I think that a little bit of fiber and nutrients from greens do play a huge part in my furkids’ diets…. and I’m ready to put it to the test!

For me, I started the 2 furry boys on their raw diet with just a pure protein base. This consists of meat, bones, offals and some bits of liver. 🐮🐔🐑🐟

Humans have nacho + salsa dips – but Lengzai has dehydrated duck + veggie dip!

Later on, I realised from trial-and-error (honestly, just a lot of meal adjustments and monitoring smelly poo-outputs) that just proteins alone doesn’t provide the two boys with a balanced diet.

This prompted me to experiment with adding a bit of greens in their daily meals. Oh mine! The results were almost instant – better absorption, much more constant poo and the two furry boys were super energetic through the day. 🌿

Well, I’m not here to advocate the pros and cons of vegetables for dogs. For those who are interested, you can always Google for more information before you decide whether to give your dogs greens!

..I’m here to show you how to make bone broth with veggie puree for your dogs!

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IPPIN Café Bar [Best Oyakodon in Singapore Yet]

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Finally, after a week of hectic events that required me to wake up 5.30am consecutively for the past week, I finally had some time to sleep-in and also rest my skin from all the heavy makeup. ?

Last month, I received a food-tasting invitation from Hazel who is IPPIN’s Ambassador of Buzz to try out their new menu. It was a non-obligatory invite which means that I’m not obligated to do a review of them… but honestly, their place was too nice for me to *not* write a review!

You see, they asked me over for a private dinner session where I got to pick anything I wanted…:


The dinner started off with an aperitif – sweet sake that remind me of choya.


I must say though, the sheer variety of condiments is impressive, but at the same time, really confusing! I kept forgetting which is which despite being told a few times. ? Oops.

See the mayonnaise bottle which is hiding beside the sauce? It’s Kameya Food’s Wasabi Mayonnaise! And, it’s actually the real deal – ? not some cheap “wasabi” aka horseradish mixed with mayo.

Now, for the food – the real show-stopper of the night:

Oyakondon Set – $15 SGD


I was told that this is IPPIN’s chef’s signature dish but it looks pretty normal at first look, doesn’t it?

So far, I haven’t had any Oyakondon (in Singapore) that impressed me.

But then, I tried a spoonful of it…


The texture of the “rice” is different from most of the Oyakondon out there – it’s actually very wet and moist. The best part of it is that the rice was mixed with barley, giving it a slightly chewy texture.

Next up, meat – of course..:

Wasabi Salt / Garlic Soy Beef Steak Set – $25 SGD


The very nicely done beef comes with rice, salad and fries.

This is actually where the fun part begins: Remember the ridiculously large variety of sauce above? Yeap! You’re free to customise your own beef steak with IPPIN’s Japanese condiments. Most of the condiments at IPPIN can only be bought there, as they actually hold the sole distributorship in Singapore to quite a number of Japanese brands!

Now, look at that mouth-watering piece of steak:


Don’t you just want to sink your teeth into it?


Just like in most Japanese restaurants in Japan, IPPIN serves red miso soup instead of the usual white/mixed miso soup we have in Singapore.

Their red miso is made with a natural production method by placing koji (soybeans) in a wooden barrel for two summers and two winters before it’s actually bought out for use.


IPPIN really has a *huge* variety of awesome stuff – even for their Furikake for sprinkling on your rice, it comes in 3 different flavours!


After trying all 3 out, my favourite would be their wasabi Furikake! I liked it so much that I wanted to purchase a whole pack (to sprinkle on my rice at home!) but they’re currently out-of-stock for it. ?

Cold Yuzu Noodles – $15 SGD


One of the favourite summer dishes in Japan – Cold Noodles.

The noodles in this dish, however, is from the Tochigi Prefecture topped with Yuzu-scented sour soy sauce, vegetables, egg, ham and mini tofu.

We requested for a smaller portion for this dish because we are getting quite filled by the two huge mains already.

Rice Ball with Fish Confit – $5


Onigiri – Rice ball made with pufferfish, tuna and chill from Tochigi Prefecture.

This was specially made into a mini-sized version for us so we could have some room for sake and dessert. ?

Nikujafa – $5 SGD


This is something you can’t miss out! It’s pork stew with carrot and potatoes, and lastly, topped with long beans. Tastes kinda like a familiar home-cooked dish, and a very satisfying one at that!

Sake Tasting Set – $15 SGD / Set of 3

Now, IPPIN also has an amazing selection of Japanese beverages to choose from, too:


From your left: Miracle Sake Junmai – $29 SGD, Yutou Masamune – $51 SGD, Yogurt Sake (Plain) – $30 SGD, Yogurt Tochi Otome (Strawberry) – $31 SGD.

They’re all very low in alcohol-content, but beware of the kick that comes in fast because of the sweetness (sugar) that’s easily absorbed by your body.

English Tea Grace Peace


Tea-lovers can not only enjoy premium tea, but also jelly made out of their favourite grace tea!

The tea is refillable up to 3 brews, anything more than that will turn the pot bland.


Did you know that IPPIN is a Japanese food supplier too? If you’re interested, they do sell quite a huge range of ingredients for your home enjoyment.



Anyway, Thanks to Hazel for re-arranging the tasting several times and accommodating to my hectic schedule!

Glad that I popped by because I haven’t had home-cooked food for a long time. Especially when it’s authentic Japanese home-cooked food!


18 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-01
Singapore 238967

Opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 11am – 3pm / 5pm -11pm
Closed: Sundays & Public Holidays

Phone: +65 6744 4794

All prices include GST and Service Charge. Free WiFi available!




FYR [Singapore Restaurant Week 2015]

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Had a full day event today and it was horrible due to the return of the haze.

To make things worse, Ms Pan Asian and I were allocated outdoors under the sun.

In. The. Bloody. Haze.

The majority of the part-timers from another event company were allocated the easiest job, but they still could be freaking lazy. Some of them disappeared during work, and the rest fall so deeply asleep that they started drooling. ?

I even heard from other girls that just because 1 of the models uses a branded bag, she received sour comments from the same group of part-timers like “Wah! Using x brand still need to come and work meh?”

关你屁事 seriously. ?

Back to topic, we’ve picked FYR for 2nd day of Restaurant Week 2015!

It’s just a few small roads down the street from where SGX building is, along a quaint row of shophouses set amidst Tanjong Pagar’s picturesque backdrop:


This was an area that I would almost certainly never come during weekdays – there’s the ERP, crazy traffic and forever needing to fight for an (expensive) parking lot.

Thankfully, it’s on a Sunday evening so I’ve no need to face all those problems.✌️

FYR serves modern european cuisine influenced by the spices and herbs of Southeast Asia and their food is prepared using Josper charcoal oven (just like Privé!).

As you can probably tell by now, FYR is a nice cosy place to chill with your friends – but it’s not really ideal for photos due to the dim lighting (but hey, it makes it romantic, no?) and decorations that casts quite a bit of shadows that’s hard to avoid…


The staff here is extremely friendly! It’s not a fine dining kinda place, but more of a place with extremely personalised and very sincere service.

The service staff also knows their dishes really well, down to the special touches which the chef uses to bring out certain flavours.. and they’re more than willing to share it with you, too!



Sautéed Prawns with anchovies, garlic, crispy rice vermicelli – these prawns were so succulent and juicy that really, 4 pieces weren’t enough for me. The crispy rice vermicelli gave it the slight oriental Chinese feel – you know, like what would be served at a traditional Chinese restaurant…..

The other starter on the table was the Grilled Salmon Tartare with mixed herbs, ikan bilis, spring onions. Don’t be fooled by it’s “simple” look – this dish has actually so much flavour and you can even play with your food with the crackers!


For mains, I went for their massively huge Pork Ribs (350g), and K went for their Brandt 365-day Grain-fed Ribeye (250g) which had an additional $13++ SGD charge.

With Roasted Baby Potatoes, House Salad, Green Peppercorn Sauce.

With Roasted Baby Potatoes, House Salad, Green Peppercorn Sauce.

That’s right – 250 grams of Brandt 365-day Grain-fed Ribeye… An extremely generous serving guaranteed to fill up most, if not all, of your stomach.

Medium-rare steak

The slightly rare middle of the… well, medium-rare steak.

Look at that perfectly done medium-rare steak! Slightly burnt outside, with a raw, chewy core.

With Barbecue Glaze, Roasted Baby Potatoes, House Salad, Sweet Hot Sauce.

With Barbecue Glaze, Roasted Baby Potatoes, House Salad, Sweet Hot Sauce.

My main was simply huge – and it smelled slightly of sweet garlic. From afar, it actually smelled a little bit like bacon – the Pork Ribs (350g) was really a sight to behold.

With Devon Cream, Strawberry Påté, Coconut Flakes.

With Devon Cream, Strawberry Påté, Coconut Flakes.

The dessert was equally unique: First, there’s the Chocolate Gateau & Mint Ice Cream – which came with this really chewy berry-like cube which gave loads of flavour to the mixture of ice cream, gateau, and the flakes and sauces…

With Rum, Gula Melaka, Cinnamon.

With Rum, Gula Melaka, Cinnamon.

And then there was Grilled Pineapple & Ginger Ice Cream. Wait, what?!

This dish is really one of an acquired taste – some would probably love it, others – hated it. It’s a little bit spicy and sour, and had a very strong gingery smell to it.

Cycene Ond Drinc

Cycene Ond Drinc

All in all, FYR is a really interesting casual place to dine. The atmosphere is fun, the staff is unpretentious, the food is amazing, and the chef certainly does know his little touches!

I’d definitely be back for more! 😉

FYR Cycene Ond Drinc

19 Boon Tat Street
Singapore (069619)

Opening Hours:
Mon- Fri: 1130am – 11pm
Sat: 9am – 11pm
Sun: 9am – 4pm

Phone: +65 62213703