Ruined Complexion Final [Acne Scars and Skin Damage]

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It’s about 3 months since my worst massive outbreak, ever, due to DF’s product. For those who are new here, you can read about it at Ruined Complexion I [Niks Maple Clinic 1st Consultation].

My face now is more or less under control. At the very least, I could get back to work now and what’s “left” could be covered by makeup. Hope I don’t jinx it by saying this. ? *fingers crossed*

Here is a photo of me with makeup!

I focused more on the base (BB cushion + concealer) + Less on the eyes (Belle 6D eyelashes extension + Brown eyeliner wing) + Cherry peeled-off lips tint + Majolica Macaron Blush.

For the past 3 months, I learnt different ways to attempt to portray a “clean” image/face. It’s hard to “look clean” when your face is filled with big, fat, angry acnes, pimples with pus and scars.

Yes, I know. The best way to aid in healing is not to put on any makeup, but some assignments and events are booked way before my unexpected outbreak happened – I couldn’t push them away…

It’s not all about hiding your flaws, but to look at least presentable (or rather, pleasant) for the occasion (Basic respect, get it?) like wedding, etc.

When you thought getting rid of acne and pimples is all that you wanted, you forgot about the aftermath – scars.

It’s like a double “punishment”? First, you fight to recover from the acne outbreak, and now you have scars and marks left behind by acne to remind you what you had been through. ?


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Can’t wear contact lenses anymore?!

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I’ve been wearing different brands of contact lenses since I started modelling. The one thing in common is they’re all colored contact lenses as they’ve always made my eyes look a little rounder and bigger, especially in photos. ?

True, they were not exactly unhealthy for eyes, but I didn’t have much choice, For obvious reasons (due to the natural of my job), I can’t wear glasses and since I had a degree is almost 700, and without lenses (or glasses, for that matter), I was effectively blind.

When I had my lenses or glasses on, things were okay – but when I took them off, I couldn’t see almost everything… not even my mobile phone’s screen! Everything was just in a blur.


Other than modeling assignments related to spectacles, I don’t think any other clients will want me to appear like this.

Some of you might ask, why not go for LASIK?

Yes. I wanted to – but like many of you, I didn’t really have the determination (and guts) to really go ahead with it since I was so used to wearing contact lenses.

I was like “Ok! Next month I shall do!”. But, when next month arrived, “Ehh.. Never mind! End of this year!” and the procrastination goes on and on for….

…6 years.

Ok. Part of the procrastination was due to the concern of how I would look without the help of coloured contact lenses that helps to make my pupil bigger, giving the illusion of bigger eyes. ?

Singapore Motorshow 2016

Singapore Motorshow 2016

See the difference now? With and without my glasses. 人,尤其是女人,为了爱美什么都可以忍。(Loosely translated: “For the sake of beauty, everything can be endured.”)

Back to the main point of this post, why I couldn’t wear contact lenses anymore..

I got corneal ulcer.

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Ruined Complexion IV [Niks Maple Isolaz]

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Extreme left corner after exiting from the lift at level 5.

It’s at the extreme left corner after exiting from the lift at Level 5.

I got to know about Isolaz on the 1st consultation with Dr. Ong (click here), but I thought that I might actually recover within a month or less since my outbreak was due to products rather than puberty (or any “natural” causes, for that matter).

Got to cover the stranger and nurse face in respect of their privacy.

Got to cover the stranger’s and nurse’s face in respect of their privacy. Oops!

Since my outbreak due to DF products (click here), I’ve stopped going to castings, assignments, photoshoots and the works. Not to mention – attending events. (我的饭碗 *哭*)

My recovery progression was pretty alright and slightly faster than others, but it’s not fast enough. I really can’t afford to wait anymore because some assignments were booked long ago and there’s no way I can postpone or cancel them.

That’s why I chose to go for Isolaz.

What is Isolaz?

Isolaz treatment is a unique acne therapy to help fight the root causes of acne, and also help clear existing acne while preventing future breakouts for a healthier looking complexion.

Information from:

Information taken from

After registering at the counter, the nurse will bring you into a room to cleanse your face. I came with only sunblock (without makeup) so I was given Niks’ aroma cleanser (the orange bottle on the left) which smells heavenly! ?


For those with makeup, you will be given a lotion-based cleanser. I guess it’s their Niks Orange Removing-Cleansing Milk?

Will update y’all the next time if I come with makeup.

Consent Form

Consent Form

Niks’ nurse will then proceed to explain what might happen during and after Isolaz. Things like pain and the burning smell during treatment and the possibility of bruises and oil bubbles might occur.

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Ruined Complexion III [Niks Maple Chemical Peel]

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Chemical peel is a technique used to regenerate skin by using acid, causing the skin to exfoliate/peel off and allow new skin to regrow.

I was advised by Dr. Ong to do a chemical peel, but she was too busy so I kept delaying until during the 2nd consultation, she actually asked me why I did not get it done yet (Click here for Part I & II).

Actually it’s just a simple procedure, so it doesn’t really matter which doctor does it…

..but 我就是要 Dr. Ong 嘛! ??

I’ve been travelling a bit too often in the month of December till I mixed up the only few dates that I’m actually in Singapore. Luckily, Ms. Pan Asian helped me to call in to Niks Maple to change my appointment. ?

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