Sushi Jiro – Fine Japanese Dining at a Steal! [Review]

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Sushi Jiro’s entrance is located on the 4th floor of Marina Mandarin – you won’t see an English signage though!

You probably already knew that I’m a huge fan of Japanese cuisine from all my Instagram posts, and truth be told, I am actually quite picky about where I eat my Japanese food too.

Don’t get me wrong – the place doesn’t have to be super atas, but the food has to be fresh and the preparation has to be proper – because hey, we’re going to be dealing with a lot of raw ingredients here… and they’re really fragile!

So, imagine my surprise when I was invited to Sushi Jiro for a tasting session of their new menu!

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Facial Scars Removal with iMedical [Fractional Acne Scar Laser]

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1 week after the Fractional Acne Scar Laser. 💥

If you are curiously foraging the latest and greatest of skincare and beauty products and services, I’m sure by now that you’ve heard (or at least read) about the good ol’ Fractional Co2 laser.

It’s essentially said to be the gold standard but yet also being one of the few lasers having some of the harshest downtime. Uh huh, that means you probably wouldn’t look too fantastic for those few days. It’s no doubt a 先苦后甜 laser that helps greatly in minimizing skin disorder and reparation of damage such as scarring, pigmentation and ageing, etc.

More bluntly put:

The traditional Fractional Co2 laser precisely “burns off” the damaged outer layer so that your baby smooth skin that’s beneath can resurface to the top (again). 💆🏻‍♀️

What’s Stopping Me From Traditional Fractional Co2 Laser?

For those who have been following this little space of mine (thank you! 💐), you would probably know that there was a period of time when my skin was just so bad that even I myself found it disgusting.

Even though I managed to recover within a very short timespan, I was left with many different kinds of scars.

I did consider doing the traditional Fractional Co2 Laser back then, but eventually, I opted not to do so for a plethora of reasons. One of it was probably the post-procedure hyperpigmentations in Asian skin – which undoubtedly meant getting tanner.

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Getting to the Roots of Problems… with Roots Technologies [Review]

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Featuring the two handsome boys – Yandao & Lengzai with Roots Technologies Products.

The boys’ Roots Technologies journey begins with the highly-raved Tonic Spray which almost is a herbal-ish “cure-all” which you’ll probably have heard about from your friends.

For me, I absolutely love the smell and the effects, but the boys get super overwhelmed by it – which I will explain later in this post.

After having such amazing results with their Tonic Spray, I was obviously ecstatic to receive more Roots Technologies all-natural products for the boys to try out!

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Building a SmartHome from Scratch [Installing Colour-changing Smart Glass on Sliding Doors]

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Say hello to Yandao and Lengzai! 🐶👋🏻

One of the major touches of my apartment’s renovation is no doubt the Colour-changing Smart Glass Sliding Door installed in place of a standard toilet door. Some people refer to this magical piece of glass as a “Privacy Smart Glass” or “PDLC Glass”.

Oh, and you’ll also probably find it being used in places like high-end offices and hotels – rarely homes.

In my case, I installed this Smart Glass on a Raumplus S1200 sliding door frame + track, which was supplied by the amazing Ewins Group.

So, what does this Smart Glass thingy do?

Basically, it allows for a glass panel to be switched between transparent and opaque. It can be also use as a projection screen, if you wanted to do that…  🎥

Did you know that this glass door packs a hidden surprise? You will not believe what happens next…. *insert super cheesy clickbait sentence* 🤣

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